Did you realize that there are pixies everywhere throughout the world and every ha adjusted to its climactic conditions? All things considered, it's valid! Furthermore, along these lines, a nursery of prickly plants furthermore, succulents, red earth, and sweltering sun isn't amazing for specific pixies to like, particularly those living in desert conditions.

On the off chance that you happen to dwell in a desert-like spot (or basically lean toward prickly plants to streaming greenery), have no dread. You, as well, can make lovely smaller than usual nurseries for your pixies to appreciate. Simply pursue these basic advances.

1 - Search

Select some little desert flora and succulents from a neighborhood nursery.

2 - Choose

For my succulent nursery, I chose not to evacuate my extremely tragic desert plant yet to give it some medical procedure and fill the pot with crisp gardening soil.

3 - Organize

Organize your little prickly plants or succulents around the back of the old desert plants or succulents, as I did here, to make the hallucination of a backwoods of prickly plants. This will likewise leave the front of your compartment allowed to decorate any way you pick. For my garden, I utilized the enormous white stones that had been in the pot effectively (squander not, need not!).

I even stuck in the bit of wiped out looking desert plant I cut from the old plant in the trusts that it will inevitably spring back to life.

4 - Add Something

Presently you should add something to genuinely change your pot of plants into a mystical smaller than usual nursery. One simple method for doing this is including a pathway for pixies to skip down. For this I utilized hued sand purchased at a specialty store, yet you can pick modest rocks, lichen, little stones, or different things.

5 - Make It Pretier

In the event that despite everything you feel as though you are just taking a gander at a pot with a lot of desert plants set in it, you can add on to our nursery by setting it close to other desert flora or succulents to give it a kind of setting. For my nursery, I hauled in an old prickly plant my mother had for a long time. I figured I would simply lift it up and pop it down as a scenery for my pixie garden, yet the poor plant had outgrown its old pot! Unfortunately, this is the place I dropped it since it was too thorny to even think about holding.

I chose before I could utilize this plant in my desert flora garden I needed to repot it.

A while later, it looked a lot more joyful.

The repotted desert flora was utilized to make a background for my Mexican pixie garden. I likewise included an old shellfish shell for a touch of textural intrigue. It has a faded look that takes after endured shake.

6 - Prepare for Anything

Presently your nursery ought to be pretty much completed, prepared for any sweltering climate pixie to come and appreciate. I have included a pergola type development (the guidelines will be in part 15) and bit of bark that was lying near, as well.

What's more, remember to discover a pixie to add to your nursery should you like!