The quick canning jar terrarium is ideal for a desktop or a child’s nightstand, this canning jar terrarium is easy to make and to care for. It’s a great school project.


  • Rinsed pea gravel
  • Activated filter carbon
  • Sterile potting soil
  • Selaginella plant
  • Plastic wrap
  • Wide-mouth canning jar and lid
  • Animal figurine

Quick Canning Jar Terrarium Step-by-Step

  1. Layer pea gravel in the bottom, activated filter carbon on top, and 1 inch of potting soil over
  2. Use the terrarium tweezers (or a dinner fork) to plant the Selaginella. Make sure its roots are
    in the soil.
  3. Water the terrarium until you can see water running into the pebbles.
  4. Place the animal figurine next to the side of the jar.
  5. Tear off a sheet of plastic wrap and cover the jar with it.
  6. Place the lid ring on the jar and screw it down.
  7. Use sharp scissors to cut the plastic wrap so that the edges aren’t visible under the lid.
    (Using plastic wrap instead of its metal lid allows more light to reach the plant and a better view
    of the plant.)