Hanging bushels make superb gardens and homes for pixies. They are up out of the range of creatures, for example, felines, and the pixies can appreciate the delicate influencing of their nurseries in a sweet summer wind. They can likewise be kept up out of ice and flood level, galumphing huge boots, and grass cutters.

One hanging crate can be an exceptionally appealing expansion to a nursery yet why not make a few? You can interface them up with rope stepping stools and walkways and consider it a genuine pixie town!


You can make the crates in such a town uniform by utilizing bins with coconut tangling in a wire outline, strong plastic, or attempt a blend of whatever is lying around your shed or carport. You will require a reasonable tree to hang your containers from, so take care when picking a decent branch or trunk. Or then again you can get a metal shepherd's snare to hang in wherever in your yard. I picked a tree in my yard, however I was to some degree stressed over the meandering possums who visit us consistently utilizing that tree as a staircase to our rooftop. So take care in picking a great spot to hang your nursery from. For my situation, maybe the pixies will tame these charming however uproarious animals and ride them like ponies—ideally away from our rooftop.