Succulents are an extremely fun plant to work with and help make a genuinely charmed pixie desert spring. As a kid I had a pruned pig-face and was continually grabbing the succulent round petals and planting them in different pots—it's a miracle my home wasn't invade with them!

To engender succulents, you should simply take one leaf and cover it in the earth. Chain of Hearts was another most loved plant of mine as a kid, and it was as similarly simple to make new plants from as pig-face.

For a succulent nursery, have a go at utilizing a wide, shallow dish or box first off and at that point pursue these means and adorn when you feel like it!

1. Add Soil

Add gardening soil to your holder and mastermind the plants on the top previously you really dive them in.

2. Add Rocks

You will likewise need a few rocks to add to the compartment, to make a scene around your plants.

3. Put in the plants.

4. Arrange It

Arrange the stones with the goal that they make an energizing domain for pixies to visit. In the event that you have enough space and enough shakes, why not make a maze for the pixies to explore?

5. Modify

On the off chance that you need to make a way, you can utilize any sort of squashed shake, sand, stones, and so forth. For a way I utilized shaded sand. I especially like the hued sand for these warm atmosphere plants as it helps me to remember the desert or the sea shore. Be that as it may, recollect: in the event that you use sand, your way may run a piece when your nursery gets watered, so you may need to keep some additional sand close by to help revamp the way in the wake of watering.

Succulent pixie cultivates really make great sea shore gardens for pixies to visit when they need to unwind in the sun. I made mine a sea shore garden as a decent difference to the prickly plants garden. Shells are an incredible expansion to any sand you place in your nursery. Utilizing the shells as a fringe will help keep your way unblemished during watering.

Shade is likewise vital in the warmth and an adorable sea shore umbrella is the perfect assistant to add to your succulent sea shore garden! You can either discover store-purchased umbrellas or just gather a couple of beverage umbrellas. For this situation, I utilized plastic spreads for beverages and they work brilliantly as pixie umbrellas.